Tom Cullins: Recent Works
Exhibition Closing June 17, 2014


At the Crossroads of Architecture and Fine Art

Ever want to see into the mind of an architect, to see the world as they see it? An exhibition of recent watercolors on paper by architect Tom Cullins will wrap up at West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park on June 17th.

Tom Cullins practiced architecture for over four decades, working on such projects as the U.S. Border Station at Highgate Springs, Vermont, Lake Placid Lodge (Lake Placid, New York), and a palace for HRH Prince Saudi Bin Abdul Moshen in Saudi Arabia. His career in architecture has focused on creating physical environments that earnestly try to capture the spirit of a client’s program, are in harmony with the site, and go beyond the ordinary by creating designs that have a special character.

“My aesthetic direction in both of these pursuits has always ranged from representational to purely abstract, responding to the light and character of each location and culture,” said Cullins.

Since retiring from his architectural firm, he has intensified his experimentation with painting and photography. “Tom Cullins: Recent Works” reflect the aesthetics of place: crisp light, intense color, and the lure of negative space.

The collection of artwork available at West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park offers a unique opportunity to collect works on paper by this accomplished architect and artist.




Aegean Afternoon by Tom Cullins