Duncan Johnson Featured Prominently in Art New England


Duncan Johnson’s Color Code at Hotel Vermont Featured Prominently in May/June 2014 Issue of Art New England.

An article profiling the proliferation of fine art in high-end hotels across New England prominently features Duncan Johnson’s Color Code. The 48”x60” work is installed in the lobby of Hotel Vermont in Burlington.

“A minimalist lobby was designed to showcase a found wood relief made by Duncan Johnson, Color Code,” notes Judith Tolnick Champa in Art New England.

Duncan Johnson gathers wood from landfills and construction sites around his home in Hartford, Vermont and converts the refuse into colorful, two-dimensional works that hover somewhere between painting, sculpture, and collage. His work is marked by expert craftsmanship and skilled woodworking. Diana McClintock, writing in Art Papers in 2009 said, “Johnson’s…works are paintings in the same way that Robert Rauschenberg’s combine paintings of the late 1950s were. Though emphatically assembled out of wood, they are composed according to the intuitive logic of abstract painting.”

“If there’s a subtext” to Johnson’s work, said art critic Cathy Fox in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2009, “it’s the poetry of the well-made object.”

Visitors to West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park can see a selection of Johnson’s work on view.