In the Studio with Krista Harris [Video]

“Time and again, the places I travel have a way of sneaking into my work… I guess they’re my own postcards and snapshots, partly remembered and partly imagined.” – Krista Harris

In the video above, Colorado-based painter Krista Harris discusses many of the present themes and sources of inspiration behind the body of work featured in her solo exhibition, “Retracing My Steps,” on view now through May 30th, 2017.

Krista’s starting point – her point of reference in each of these paintings – is not necessarily a concrete person, place, or event, but rather a memory of an experience that she is revisiting with a new perspective and seeing in a new light. She refers to painting as her way of “journaling,” of “retracing her steps.” Driven by an “intense curiosity about places,” Krista is particularly interested in exploring, “… how places shape and define us, both as individuals and on a much larger scale.” Whether those places are real or imagined, glamorous or gritty, she’s continually drawn back to this notion of “home” and how we come to think of a place as such.

These explorations are largely missions of the the artist’s subconscious, with themes emerging and revealing themselves to Krista only in the final stages of a painting. Emotive and sensory, Krista’s approach embraces a direct connection from brush in hand straight to canvas; it is unmediated, urgent, exploratory and reactionary all at the same time. The result is an exciting tension between calm spaces of color and bold energetic lines endlessly playing off of one another.

Preview the full selection of works featured in Krista’s solo exhibition on the web here and see her show in person through May 30th, 2017.