Join Us to Celebrate Two New Exhibitions on August 20th!

West Branch Gallery presents two exhibitions of new and recent works by painter Adelaide Tyrol and sculptors Kim Radochia and Joseph Lupiani this August, with an opening reception Saturday, August 20th from 6 – 8 pm.

Kim Radochia, Slots 3 (2016), 40 x 53, 15000

Slots 3 (2016) by Kim Radochia, Painted and Torn Paper on Board, 40″ x 53″

August 10 – October 16

Kim Radochia: Murmurations

Walking the edge between sculpture and painting, Kim Radochia’s swirling paper assemblages encourage viewers to engage in the very kinds of natural movements they depict. Conceptually preoccupied with ‘Li,’ the ancient Chinese practice of gathering and organizing patterns found in nature, Kim finds inspiration for her abstract wall sculptures in the configurations of flocking birds called murmurations, water currents and lines, and geological formations. Thousands of meticulously painted and hand torn pieces of paper converge and disperse in each sculpture, pulling our gaze along, radiating movement and energy. The static becomes kinetic with the viewer’s participation, as color and form shift dramatically alongside our own movements. From each angle, Kim’s paper creations transform into seemingly new works of art.

Adelaide Tyrol, The Ostrich Zone, 2016, Acrylic on Panel, 26 x 36

The Ostrich Zone (2016) by Adelaide Tyrol, Acrylic on Panel, 26″ x 36″

August 20 – October 16

Adelaide Tyrol and Joseph Lupiani: Instinct & Attitude

Adelaide Tyrol’s surreally reimagined paintings of real-world flora and fauna signal a distinct departure from her previous life as a natural history illustrator. This most recent body of work explores dreamscapes and liminal areas in nature – the thresholds between sky and land, intertidal zones between water and shore – and the creatures that occupy these spaces “between worlds.” Presented in conversation with Adelaide’s works on paper, panel, and canvas, Joseph Lupiani’s charismatic wooden chimeras similarly exist in two worlds simultaneously: those both animal and human. Goats, rabbits, and foxes remind us of neighbors and friends with their quirkily slumped postures and casual attire. Exploring the parallels between animal and human behavior and personalities, this collection of sculptures and paintings by two Vermont-based artists will be on view through October 16th.

Cedar Street Fox Couple, 18 x 7 x 5, Cedar, Walnut, Soapstone, View 2

Cedar Street Fox Couple (2016) by Joseph Lupiani, Cedar, Walnut, & Soapstone, 18″ x 7″ x 5″

An opening reception to celebrate both exhibitions will be held at West Branch Gallery on Saturday, August 20th from 6 – 8 pm. For more event info and to let us know you’re coming, click here!