West Branch Celebrates Last Gala of 2015 With New Art & Old Friends


Last Saturday, September 26, West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park hosted yet another wonderful opening. Many quests, old and new to the gallery, came to view the new works displayed, as well to engage in lively conversations with some of the West Branch artists.

Susanna’s Catering offered delectable and unique hors d’oeuvres. Soft jazz and blues standards by musicians the Jessica Friedman Duo provided a lovely backdrop for viewing and discussing art.

Four new shows for autumn have recently been installed at West Branch over the past two months:

Stephnanie Bush, Winter (Solace)

Winter (Solace) by Stephanie Bush, Oil on Canvas, 16″ x 42″

Stephanie Bush: 20 Years, An Artist’s Evolution

This show represents 20 years of artistic exploration for Bush. In her early paintings, she explored the tension between travel and home. In later work she paints the human figure, sometimes in self-portraiture, examining the subversion of traditional women’s work and feminism’s reclamation of those past values. Most recently, her paintings represent the notion of safe harbor in inhospitable environments, namely the beautiful snowy winterscapes of Vermont.

Jessie Pollock_Nest 3_Encaustic on Panel_12x12

Nest #3 by Jessie Pollock, Encaustic on Panel, 12″ x 12″

Jessie Pollock: Vernal Pools and Other Landscapes

You will want to run your fingers over Pollock’s textured, encaustic surfaces; exploring her embedded texts like Braille. This current body of work is Pollock’s attempt to express her appreciation of natural beauty. Living in New England, she deeply experiences the fullness of four seasons.

Val Rossman, These Things Happen, Acrylic on Aluminum, 24x24 WEB

These Things Happen by Val Rossman, Acrylic on Aluminum, 24″ x 24″

Val Rossman: Hues and Gestures

Working in two different mediums, pastel drawings on paper and acrylic paintings on aluminum, Val Rossman’s art is rich in color and form. From loose mark-making to densely gridded layers of color, she is not afraid to experiment. The results are full of spontaneity and excitement, energetic and lively.

Clark Derbes, Bill, Poly-chromed and carved maple, 10x18x2

Bill by Clark Derbes, Polychromed and Carved Maple, 10″ x 18″ x 2″

Clark Derbes: Self-Portrait

Derbes’ playful sculptures and paintings explore the architecture of illusion in colorful geometric shapes and three dimensions. His sculptures evolve from carved and poly-chromed wood; poplar, cherry, silver maple and bass, with entertaining titles like: White Sportcoat and a Pink Carnation and Bob.